Estate Jewelry: Trash or Cash

Estate JewelryWe have all watched the show, Antiques Roadshow, and thought about all the old things hanging around our house and garage, wondering if we could hit the mother lode on any one piece. The same goes for estate jewelry. Whether it’s in pouches and protected or in knots and jumbled in a drawer, you could have a pile of cash or trash

According to Wikipedia, estate jewelry is:

… previously owned jewelry, usually acquired from estates of deceased or living, and private entities. Generally referring to jewelry that is of vintage and/or antique nature. The word “estate” in “estate jewelry” does not refer to jewelry coming from the estate of the deceased. Estate simply means previously owned.

How do you know if what you have is worth any money in the bank or if it is just a pretty bauble to wear and enjoy or give to your daughter or granddaughter to play dress up with?  And, why would you want to know if what you own is worth any money? [Read more...]

10 Things to do Before Selling Your Diamond

Sell Your DiamondYou have decided it’s time to turn your diamond into cash. Whether you need to pay a bill, pad your bank account or just sell a memory; the reason doesn’t matter, what does matter is to know what to do before selling your diamond.

As tempting as it might be to rush out to the nearest pawn shop and unload your precious gem for cash, there are some steps you should take first so you can get the most money for the valuable asset that you have. [Read more...]