3 Words Diamond Buyers Never Wants to Hear You Say

Diamond BuyersAs a diamond buyer, there are lots of things we love to hear our customers say. We love to hear you say how happy you are with our service and we love to hear you say how pleased you are with the price you received for your merchandise.  We love to hear you say you are going to send all your friends to us and that this was an easy and very good experience for you.

There are also three words that we never want to hear you say. [Read more...]

And The Oscar For The Best Jewelry Goes To

Diamond awards for best jewelry 2013 at the OscarsI love the Academy Awards. I know, you are probably thinking, “Dude, you’re a DUDE!” Yep, I am, and I also love football, but the wife, aka the queen who wears the crown, loves those awards and I know which side my bread is buttered on, if you know what I mean, so I am watching those awards and by the way, Halle Berry was smokin’ in that dress!

But, what I really love is to look at the best jewelry at the awards. After all, I’m a diamond and estate jewelry buyer, so of course I want to see what those stars are wearing. And, let’s be honest, every Tom, Dick and Harriet is going to be writing about the Oscar’s, so why shouldn’t I? [Read more...]

Brands We Love at Jonathan’s Diamond Buyer: Harry Winston

Harry WinstonHave you ever looked at a piece of jewelry and it’s made your heart beat faster? I have. I do. It’s like love. It’s like lust. It’s like amazing. It happens with Cartier. It happens with Tiffany.  It happens with all watches. And, it happens with Harry Winston.

First, you have to love an American jewelry designer, right? Second, you have to love a jewelry designer that is so philanthropic and a design house that has such a rich history. [Read more...]

What Do Diamond Buying & Divorce Have in Common?

Diamond Buying at Jonathan's Diamond BuyerI have bought and sold a lot of diamonds in my 25 + years as a diamond buyer, and the truth is that until recently I never thought about the correlation between divorce and diamond buying.  I always listen to the stories of the men who got left at the alter or the women who are now single parents, but it never hit me how devastating that action of going from couple to single was until just the other day.

Very recently, we hired The Diamond Gal, who is actually a trained divorce coach.   Her work as a divorce coach is pretty well known and we have spent hours talking about the psychology of divorcing your diamonds, especially since I met her when she came into my office to divorce her own diamonds.  I listened to her story and looked into her sad eyes and noticed that she was very thin, but also saw the spark inside her and felt a connection with her as I was doing the diamond buying.

[Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Gifts – Hearts and Flowers

Valentine's Day GiftIt’s that time of year when the holiday that Hallmark has made famous for making many a man’s wallet lighter is upon us.  Valentine’s Day gifts can be marked by dozens of roses, boxes of chocolates, candlelit dinners, bottles of wine, decadent desserts, sexy lingerie and of course diamonds and pearls.

Although we love it when our customers come in and buy the traditional diamond earrings or the lovely pearls as Valentine’s Day gifts, this year mix it up if you are going to splurge on jewelry.  How about celebrating with a different kind of rose, like this Cartier Ballon Bleu in 18 Karat Rose Gold? [Read more...]