What Do Diamond Buying & Divorce Have in Common?

Diamond Buying at Jonathan's Diamond BuyerI have bought and sold a lot of diamonds in my 25 + years as a diamond buyer, and the truth is that until recently I never thought about the correlation between divorce and diamond buying.  I always listen to the stories of the men who got left at the alter or the women who are now single parents, but it never hit me how devastating that action of going from couple to single was until just the other day.

Very recently, we hired The Diamond Gal, who is actually a trained divorce coach.   Her work as a divorce coach is pretty well known and we have spent hours talking about the psychology of divorcing your diamonds, especially since I met her when she came into my office to divorce her own diamonds.  I listened to her story and looked into her sad eyes and noticed that she was very thin, but also saw the spark inside her and felt a connection with her as I was doing the diamond buying.


On a good day divorce is hard. Probably one of the hardest things a couple can go through. I don’t think it matters who filed or who wanted it, because I think it is just devastating all the way around and everyone ends up hurt.  A truth to divorce is that lifestyles have to change because there are two households to support.

Diamond Buying

A tangible good that most women and sometimes men end up with when they get a divorce is the diamond, and it’s worth money in the bank.  That is money that can put food on the table and pay rent or mortgage and maybe put gas in the car.  So, what do you do? You go to a diamond buyer to sell that diamond.


The diamond you are selling has meaning and depth.  It’s not just a rock that was mined, cut with facets and shaped to a round or oval.  Then given color and clarity with letters and numbers by a lab with a certificate.  This is a symbol of a life that you thought you were building with someone you loved.  This is a symbol of a family you had and this is a symbol of a belief system that is now shattered.

Diamond Buying

The diamond that we are buying is a stone that has been mined and cut and shined to perfection.  It has facets and flaws. It has imperfections. It has color, clarity and value.  It has weight, a table, a culet and a girdle.  We hope it has a GIA Certificate. We place a value on it using several factors and none of them are emotional.  They are all based on the physical properties of the diamond itself.


You watch as your diamond is handled and louped.  It is measured and discussed.  You might be asked how much you want. You don’t know. What you want is your life back. What you want is the security you once had. You have tears flowing down your face because this is an emotional decision, but one you know that has to be made.  This is not just a stone.

Diamond Buying

As you look up and see the tears that might be spilling down your customers face, think about what you are buying. Think about this diamond that is a stone to you but a past to them.  Talk to them and really listen to their story.  Sometimes you have to give the diamond back and tell them to hang onto those memories until they are ready to let them go, because for a divorcee who is selling the past it is a process.

Divorce and Diamond Buying

What I have learned is that not every diamond is ready to be bought when it comes from a divorce. I have also learned that each diamond is not just a stone, but a life. These rocks that come from a mine, and end up the sparkly shiny pretty things that are placed on a finger that is supposed to be forever but may end up only for a little while, might not be ready to move on to the next chapter of their lives. If you get a customer who isn’t ready to divorce their diamond, let that customer talk it out and talk it through, and then if you have to, let that buy go because that diamond isn’t ready for a new home just yet.

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