And The Oscar For The Best Jewelry Goes To

Diamond awards for best jewelry 2013 at the OscarsI love the Academy Awards. I know, you are probably thinking, “Dude, you’re a DUDE!” Yep, I am, and I also love football, but the wife, aka the queen who wears the crown, loves those awards and I know which side my bread is buttered on, if you know what I mean, so I am watching those awards and by the way, Halle Berry was smokin’ in that dress!

But, what I really love is to look at the best jewelry at the awards. After all, I’m a diamond and estate jewelry buyer, so of course I want to see what those stars are wearing. And, let’s be honest, every Tom, Dick and Harriet is going to be writing about the Oscar’s, so why shouldn’t I?

The Best Jewelry on The Red Carpet

There is a difference between the red carpet best jewelry and the jewelry that makes it onto the stage.  The red carpet jewelry is what you see in the before shows and you see more of it, because everyone who is anyone gets interviewed on the red carpet.  Only those coveted few who get to give or get awards make it to the stage. And, when it is awards time, the jewelers pull out all the stops, loaning out their most expensive pieces, insuring them to the gills and praying that they come back the next day with all the stone in place or coming back at all.

Make no mistake that most of these stars do now own their jewels that they wear for that evening or for most of these awards shows, and the press that the jewelers receive along with the photo opps for the jewels is amazing for the cost of loaning out the best pieces.  It’s all worth it in the end because we all want to look like these stars, and if we can’t look like them, the copy cat designers will soon make these same designs readily available and affordable to the masses soon enough.

Maybe I should call my awards the Diamond Awards instead of the Academy Awards?

I’m SO nervous! Where did I put my gold envelope??

Oh, here it is!

And, The Award Goes To…

The Award for Best Earrings Goes To….

Zoe Saldana in Neil Lane Earrings

Zoe Saldana Diamond Award for Neil Lane Earrings

The Award for Best Necklace Goes To….

Jennifer Garner in Neil Lane

Jennifer Garner in Neil Lane for Best Necklace in Jewelry

The Award for Best Bracelet Goes To….

Naomie Harris’ “Sunrise” Bracelet

Best Bracelet in Jewelry

The Award for Best Ring Goes To….

Jennifer Aniston for Her Own!

Best Ring for Jewelry is Jennifer Aniston

For another great post about Oscar Earrings, check out this post by Cheryl Kremkow!

Who do you think should win the awards for best jewelry of the night? Who do you think had the worst jewelry of the evening?

*Images Courtesy of Getty Images and because my invite got lost in the mail. Maybe next year!

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