Art Deco Diamonds – Tuesday Trends

Period Pieces.  Platinum and Diamonds.  Bold Geometric Shapes.  Repeating Patterns.

 Art Deco Diamonds

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7 Ways To Become a Successful Diamond Seller

Diamond SellerWhen you are going to sell your diamond or your jewelry to a diamond buyer or a jewelry buyer that makes you a diamond seller. And, in order to be a profitable diamond seller and make money from the diamond that you own, you need to have some knowledge. I want you to make money. Why? Because when you’re happy, I’m happy.

I’ve learned many things in this business, but the main thing I’ve learned is that word of mouth goes a long long way. So, I really do try to do everything that I can to keep every single customer happy. Now, that I have this online blog thingy, I can use it to educate all of you and hope that you will come in and see me, or at the very least take what you learn here and make the most out of selling your diamond. [Read more...]

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Some days you win some and some days you lose some.

You Lose SomeYou win some – Every time I walk in the door after work my family, including the pets come running up to me and want to say hello and kiss all over me.

You lose some – This time, one dog had a chew toy of the other dog and when I went to pet the dog who wanted his toy back to calm him down, he bit through my thumb.

You win some – I didn’t need stitches

You lose some – I had a bad reaction to the tetanus shot, which knocked me out for FOUR days!!

You Win SomeYou win some – My lovely wife made me this yummy meal because of the dog bite.

You lose some – I lost this yummy meal because of the tetanus shot. You get my drift.

You win some – I got to catch up on my sleep.

You lose some – I missed a day of work and have a ton of making up to do, thus the slow blog week!

375743_10150349632662944_1526520677_nYou win some – We didn’t get rid of said dog, I mean, look at that face!!

You lose some – I’m a bit nervous about petting the dang thing now!!

What have you won or lost this week??

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Alexandrite – June Gemstone of the Month

Alexandrite Cushion, 26.75 cts. Bluish green i...

Alexandrite Cushion, 26.75 cts. Bluish green in daylight and purple red under incandescent light, alexandrites this large are extremely rare. Labels First row: Alexandrite, Chrysoberyl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This month for the gemstone of the month, I picked one of the most rare stones and one of the most stunning stones. Alexandrite has a color change that takes affect and displays different colors according to changes in lighting. Color change gems change color due to changing light conditions or when viewed from different angles, but Alexandrite is from the light, while some color change sapphires are from viewing at different angles.  [Read more...]

16 Life Lessons for Being Amazing – Jonathan’s Diamond Buyer

Life LessonsEvery day is a risk when you are running your own business. It doesn’t matter if you are buying diamonds or selling cars, you still have to put yourself out there and make money and support yourself, your family or both. I like to think I am one of those that have made it to the other side, but certainly not without a lot of blood sweat and tears.

I was a high school drop out and a teen father. I went to work and not to college. What I learned I have taught myself. I am a scrapper and there have been times I have been steps away from the streets and times that I have been steps away from millions, and through it all I have learned so many life lessons.

I have raised two sons to adulthood and like to think I have done a good job and my daughter is over halfway there and she is on the right path too. My marriage is strong and my business is doing well. I manage my life and my business the same way, with a firm hand and with a lot of faith in God. I am blessed in so many ways, some of it has been luck and some of it has been skill, but through it all, they are things that I have to say my prayers for every night.

Because I am lucky and blessed, I want to share with you some of what I follow on a daily basis that has gotten me through the good times, the bad times and the everyday times. [Read more...]