You Win Some, You Lose Some

Some days you win some and some days you lose some.

You Lose SomeYou win some – Every time I walk in the door after work my family, including the pets come running up to me and want to say hello and kiss all over me.

You lose some – This time, one dog had a chew toy of the other dog and when I went to pet the dog who wanted his toy back to calm him down, he bit through my thumb.

You win some – I didn’t need stitches

You lose some – I had a bad reaction to the tetanus shot, which knocked me out for FOUR days!!

You Win SomeYou win some – My lovely wife made me this yummy meal because of the dog bite.

You lose some – I lost this yummy meal because of the tetanus shot. You get my drift.

You win some – I got to catch up on my sleep.

You lose some – I missed a day of work and have a ton of making up to do, thus the slow blog week!

375743_10150349632662944_1526520677_nYou win some – We didn’t get rid of said dog, I mean, look at that face!!

You lose some – I’m a bit nervous about petting the dang thing now!!

What have you won or lost this week??

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