Custom Jewelry, Designer Jewelry, Branded Jewelry: Which Do You Wear

Diamond Custom JewelryOften I will get a call about a pair of earrings or a necklace and the customer will tell me that it is a designer piece.  But, when I ask who it is, it turns out it is branded.  Many times people mistake a custom piece of jewelry for a designer piece of jewelry.  And, sometimes people don’t even look to see if their jewelry is branded, designer or has a stamp at all.

It’s important to know if your jewelry is designer, branded or custom and what each means as well as how to recognize each type of jewelry because this will help you determine the worth of the jewelry that you own or want to buy in the future. [Read more...]

Blind Offers: The Art of Diamond Buying

Blind offersLately I have been getting great traffic and lots of people have sent me diamonds to buy and jewelry to buy through the contact forms on this site.  Here’s the problem with that; I have to give them ‘blind offers’.  That wouldn’t be such a huge problem, but what I’ve started to notice is that many of you will get my offer and even after you are told it is a blind offer, I never hear from you again, which leads me to believe one of two things:

  1. I smell really bad
  2. You might not understand blind offers [Read more...]

Jewelry Shopping For Sport – Where Jonathan’s Diamond Buyer Likes To Shop

Jewelry BoxI love estate jewelry and although when I go jewelry shopping I try to focus on never buying new, unless it is something that is custom made in the shop at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, I stick to eBay to find my watches and places like 1st Dibs and other auction sites to find those special pieces that can round out not only what I have in the showroom, but also what my wife has in her jewelry box.

But, sometimes it’s fun to go jewelry shopping for sport, and there are places that I prefer to shop because I love the designs, the metals that are used and more importantly the creativity that I get to see in the pieces.  Don’t get me wrong, I see creativity every day in the engagement rings that we produce at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, but it’s a different type of creativity, not like the jewelry designer who starts to sketch and then gets out a blow torch and some metal and creates. [Read more...]

Art Deco Diamonds – Tuesday Trends

Period Pieces.  Platinum and Diamonds.  Bold Geometric Shapes.  Repeating Patterns.

 Art Deco Diamonds

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You Win Some, You Lose Some

Some days you win some and some days you lose some.

You Lose SomeYou win some – Every time I walk in the door after work my family, including the pets come running up to me and want to say hello and kiss all over me.

You lose some – This time, one dog had a chew toy of the other dog and when I went to pet the dog who wanted his toy back to calm him down, he bit through my thumb.

You win some – I didn’t need stitches

You lose some – I had a bad reaction to the tetanus shot, which knocked me out for FOUR days!!

You Win SomeYou win some – My lovely wife made me this yummy meal because of the dog bite.

You lose some – I lost this yummy meal because of the tetanus shot. You get my drift.

You win some – I got to catch up on my sleep.

You lose some – I missed a day of work and have a ton of making up to do, thus the slow blog week!

375743_10150349632662944_1526520677_nYou win some – We didn’t get rid of said dog, I mean, look at that face!!

You lose some – I’m a bit nervous about petting the dang thing now!!

What have you won or lost this week??

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