Christie’s First Ever Online-Only Jewelry Sale

Whenever I have an opportunity to shop online at an auction held by Christie’s, I don’t know about you, but I would definitely not want to miss it, and for the first time ever, Christie’s, the famed auction house, is holding an online-only jewelry sale from July 17 to July 26.

Summer Jewels will include over 100 lots from contemporary jewelers with price points accessible to a wide range of collectors.  Whether your are in the market for earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings, you can find baubles from up and coming designers such as Lily Gabriella Elia, Olivia Wildenstein and Marina B.

As Francois Curiel, the Chairman of Christie’s Jewelry department had to say…

This inaugural online-only sale of Summer Jewels is an exciting new venture for us at Christie’s. After a historic spring season of auction sales, we are pleased to offer collectors a new way to collect jewelry with Christie’s and to introduce a specially-curated array of designs by some of the young shining stars working within the jewelry world today.

You can register for the sale online at and get your fingers ready to hit the return key when you bid!

As for the designers… this is just a sampling of what you might see!

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Fancy Colored Diamond – The Princie Diamond

Fancy Colored Diamond - Princie DiamondI love a fancy colored diamond.  As a diamond buyer, I love ALL diamonds and when amazing diamonds that are rare come up for auction that I know I can’t afford I can’t help but get a bit jealous over the guy that is going to end up owning said diamond!

The latest diamond that Christies Auction house has coming up is the Princie Diamond.  This diamond is a true beauty.  It is a 34.65 carat Fancy Intense Pink cushion-cut diamond and its origin can be traced back to the ancient diamond mines of Golconda in South Central India and was first recorded in the holdings of the Royal family of Hyderabad, rulers of one of the wealthiest provinces of the Mughal Empire.  [Read more...]

The Largest D Color Flawless Diamond: A Diamond Buyers Dream

largest colorless flawless diamondOn 15 May 2013 Christie’s will have the privilege of presenting at auction in Geneva an extraordinary pear-shaped perfect diamond weighing 101.73 carats. Offered for sale for the very first time, this sensational gemstone is not only one of the largest pear-shaped diamonds known to date, it is also one of the world’s most perfect diamonds: a D color, Type IIA Flawless gem.

Rahul Kadakia, Head of Jewelry, Christie’s Switzerland and Americas:

Just as a great artist is able to ‘see’ a masterpiece in a block of marble, a perfect diamond is the result of the skill and vision of a master cutter who is able to uncover beauty from a rough gem. On 15 May, Christie’s Geneva will offer for sale this wonderful pear-shaped diamond of 101.73 carats, which has literally been sculpted like a work of art. This diamond is in its scale, quality, and rarity one of the most beautiful ‘white’ diamonds Christie’s has ever had the honor of offering for sale. [Read more...]