7 Ways To Become a Successful Diamond Seller

Diamond SellerWhen you are going to sell your diamond or your jewelry to a diamond buyer or a jewelry buyer that makes you a diamond seller. And, in order to be a profitable diamond seller and make money from the diamond that you own, you need to have some knowledge. I want you to make money. Why? Because when you’re happy, I’m happy.

I’ve learned many things in this business, but the main thing I’ve learned is that word of mouth goes a long long way. So, I really do try to do everything that I can to keep every single customer happy. Now, that I have this online blog thingy, I can use it to educate all of you and hope that you will come in and see me, or at the very least take what you learn here and make the most out of selling your diamond. [Read more...]

How To Protect Your Diamond Investment

Diamond InvestmentIn my last article I wrote about how important a GIA grading report was in pricing a diamond and how it could mean the difference between getting the right price or getting the wrong price for your diamond investment.  I told you a true story of how I deal with diamonds that don’t have reports and can be graded up or down, and I told you how it turned out for the woman involved.

Of course, it doesn’t always turn out in the best interest of the customer.  It’s a fact that there are many diamond buyers out there that are not honest and I understand the fear and trepidation the customer faces when they are talking about their diamond investment, which can turn out to be a lot of money.

At the same time, as the diamond buyer, we also have to protect ourselves from scams.  I’m not saying that all customers are scammers, but it does happen that a customer will try to sell stolen goods and sometimes diamonds that are too good to be true are fake.  So, how do the buyer and the seller both stay protected when they are dealing with the diamond investment? [Read more...]

How To Make More Money From Your Diamond Sale

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When I am buying a diamond, I price it according to the carat weight, the color, and the clarity and if there is a certificate, what the certificate says.  There are many times a seller comes into my office and they can make more from their diamond sale, but there is a trust factor that has to be involved.  This is not only a true story, but also how you can make more money from your diamond sale. [Read more...]

What Do Diamond Buying & Divorce Have in Common?

Diamond Buying at Jonathan's Diamond BuyerI have bought and sold a lot of diamonds in my 25 + years as a diamond buyer, and the truth is that until recently I never thought about the correlation between divorce and diamond buying.  I always listen to the stories of the men who got left at the alter or the women who are now single parents, but it never hit me how devastating that action of going from couple to single was until just the other day.

Very recently, we hired The Diamond Gal, who is actually a trained divorce coach.   Her work as a divorce coach is pretty well known and we have spent hours talking about the psychology of divorcing your diamonds, especially since I met her when she came into my office to divorce her own diamonds.  I listened to her story and looked into her sad eyes and noticed that she was very thin, but also saw the spark inside her and felt a connection with her as I was doing the diamond buying.

[Read more...]

Five Tips on How to Sell Diamonds

Round Fancy DiamondThe divorce papers have been signed and you have put the wedding band and diamond ring in a drawer and you are ready to move on. You are ready to sell your diamond ring but don’t know how. Or maybe you were getting engaged and it just didn’t work out and it’s time to sell diamonds. [Read more...]