Secrets of Selling Your Estate Jewelry

Vintage Estate JewelrySelling your estate jewelry isn’t always an easy process and can be an emotional process.  Add to that the personal reasons why you need to sell your jewelry and the time frame that you are looking to sell it in, finding the right way for you can be overwhelming.

There are several ways to sell your estate jewelry and not one single right way either.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages and because I believe in the art of transparency, I am going to give you the scoop on them all, including if you decide to sell your estate jewelry to me. [Read more...]

A is for Appraisals: The ABC’s of Jonathan’s Diamond Buyer

ABC's of Jonathan's Diamond BuyerShould I get appraisals of my jewelry or diamonds before I bring it to you for a quote?

I get asked questions all the time about the process of diamond buying, so I decided to put together the ABC’s of diamond buying for 2013.  Each week I will offer you a tip, making my way through the alphabet. This first week we are going to talk about the letter A, which is for Appraisals. [Read more...]