Aquamarine – Gemstone of July

AquamarineImagine the cool blue waters of the Mediterranean with the sun shining and the white sugar sand beach.  This is what I think about when I see a beautiful Aquamarine.  This month’s gemstone of the month is Aquamarine, which literally means “sea water.”

Aquamarine is part of the beryl family and is the birthstone for March and it comes from Australia, Brazil, China, Kenya, Madagascar and Mozambique.  What is unique about Aquamarine is that the crystals can grow to huge sizes, so you will find very large gemstones for jewelry.  Also, the clarity is excellent, which makes it ideal to be used as a center gem for jewelry and larger cuts. [Read more...]

Don’t Feel Blue This Month, Wear Blue Gemstones Instead

Blue Gemstones earrings in AquamarineMarch is the month of blue.  The birthstone is aquamarine which is light blue, and although I can talk about aquamarine, so many other sites will talk about it, that I want to bring you something different. And, since I love blue gemstones and there are so many fine gemstones you can wear that are blue that are not aquamarines or sapphires or turquoise, that I thought it might be fun to explore some other blue gemstones that you can incorporate into your jewelry box. [Read more...]