Art Deco Diamonds – Tuesday Trends

Period Pieces.  Platinum and Diamonds.  Bold Geometric Shapes.  Repeating Patterns.

 Art Deco Diamonds

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What is Estate Jewelry?

Estate Jewelry Art Deco Cuff LinksWhat is estate jewelry is a question that gets asked a lot when you buy and sell estate jewelry as a diamond buyer, because the word estate covers many things.  There are differences between estate jewelry and antique jewelry and just plain old used jewelry.  And, each fetches different prices resale.

And, to further complicate things, in each of the categories above, it can go even deeper with fine jewelry, signed jewelry, costume jewelry, art nouveau, period pieces, contemporary pieces and one of a kind pieces. It isn’t easy to price, for example, a pair of Art Deco Vintage 18 Kt. White gold and diamond cuff links without knowing the period they came from and some history into that period. [Read more...]