Diamonds By The Yard, The Foot or The Inch – It’s All Good

Diamonds by the YardWhen I think of Diamond by the Yard, I think of Elsa Peretti and Tiffany & Company, because let’s face it, she made this phenomena famous and Tiffany’s coined the term that made this fabulous strand of diamonds famous and sought after.  I love diamonds by the yard, the foot or the inch, as far as I’m concerned, it’s all good. [Read more...]

The Antique Diamond Watch – A Delicacy

Antique Diamond WatchThe package arrived and I wasn’t that excited to open it, because even though you have a description of the estate jewelry that was being sent, you just never know. I cut open the tape and took out the box and methodically unwrapped the contents and dropped them on my desk.

I sat back in my chair with my mouth open, catching flies, as I stared in wonder at the antique diamond watch. When something this stunning and delicate sits in front of me, I often like to gaze in wonder before I even touch it.  I stared at the band and the face, almost afraid that my big hands would somehow disintegrate this amazing piece of jewelry. [Read more...]