The 5 Watches No Man Should Ever Own

Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet Perpetual Calendar 25911OR/O/0002CR/01 Of all the items that I buy I have a special affinity towards watches. It could be because when I worked in the pawn industry as a young man watches were the one thing that I collected, and that was before I even knew anything about them. The movement and function of the watch as well as the beauty of how a watch is made and how the inner workings tick have always fascinated me.

In fact, if I find a watch that I love, that is the only thing I will ever spend retail on if I can’t find it wholesale or used.  Yes, I confess, I do sometimes buy new and full price.  So, what is it about watches that I love? I love the feel of the weight on my wrist, the crystal catching the light as I drive, being able to always glance down and see the time and, I admit, it’s an ego trip to own a luxury item that no man should ever own. [Read more...]