Watches We Love – Tag Heuer for Men and Women

Tag HeuersThere are certain watches that we love that I have always wanted to sell.  Watches that are high quality, mid-luxury and great prices. The Tag Heuer is one of these watches. This is a watch that I have been on the look out to buy used for some time, but the used market for the Tag is not that large, so I started to investigate the new Tag Heuer market.

It took some time to find the right resource, but one thing that I love to do is investigate to find the right deals, and luckily enough, I found the right deal to be able to bring brand new Tag Heuers to Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers.  And, we have couldn’t wait to tear into those boxes and unwrap these watches and put them in the case, because these Tag’s are sick…in a good way! :) [Read more...]