Art Deco Diamonds – Tuesday Trends

Period Pieces.  Platinum and Diamonds.  Bold Geometric Shapes.  Repeating Patterns.

 Art Deco Diamonds

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Antique Engagement Rings – Go Antique or Go Home

Antique Engagement RingsI love a shiny diamond in a shiny setting that is all blinged out with diamonds and such, but there is something about antique engagement rings that have so much style and substance that I can’t help but wonder why more people don’t go this route when they are buying engagement rings.

First, to be considered an antique, the piece must be at least 100 years old.  Now, you can buy something that is a reproduction, in other words, it was made to look old, but that is not the same as an actual antique.  Think about it…each of these antique engagement rings tells a story.  Wouldn’t it be cool to add your story to the timeline of the story that has already unfolded? [Read more...]

Join Me On My Latest Adventure – Jonathan’s Watch Buyer

Super-Dad-Juggling-TasksI am the type of guy who always has a lot going on in my life. Between work and my personal life I manage to get it all done and I never take a sick day.  That’s not to say that there aren’t days where I sit back and smack myself in the head and think about how crazy I am, because there are plenty of those.  There are also plenty of days when my wife smacks me in the head and tells me I’m crazy, but I keep going full speed, and now I have taken on a new adventure.

I think I’m an adventure junkie.  I can’t stand still and always need a project or a new mountain to climb to feel satisfied.  It’s kind of like how I break up with my watches, I like to stay on the move.  I have lists that run through my mind of things that I want to try and do and as I start one thing on my bucket list, I mentally check it off and move on to the next, until my plate is overflowing with priorities and musts and needs and loves. [Read more...]

Brands We Love at Jonathan’s Diamond Buyer: Harry Winston

Harry WinstonHave you ever looked at a piece of jewelry and it’s made your heart beat faster? I have. I do. It’s like love. It’s like lust. It’s like amazing. It happens with Cartier. It happens with Tiffany.  It happens with all watches. And, it happens with Harry Winston.

First, you have to love an American jewelry designer, right? Second, you have to love a jewelry designer that is so philanthropic and a design house that has such a rich history. [Read more...]

Jewelry Trends for 2013 – Diamonds In Your Ears (Video)

Diamonds StudsA twinkle and a sparkle of sophistication is the trend for the ear in 2013.  Gone are the big dangling chandelier earrings and in its place are small diamonds that are delicate and barely there.  [Read more...]