Antique Engagement Rings – Go Antique or Go Home

Antique Engagement RingsI love a shiny diamond in a shiny setting that is all blinged out with diamonds and such, but there is something about antique engagement rings that have so much style and substance that I can’t help but wonder why more people don’t go this route when they are buying engagement rings.

First, to be considered an antique, the piece must be at least 100 years old.  Now, you can buy something that is a reproduction, in other words, it was made to look old, but that is not the same as an actual antique.  Think about it…each of these antique engagement rings tells a story.  Wouldn’t it be cool to add your story to the timeline of the story that has already unfolded? [Read more...]

The Emotional Side of Selling and Buying a Diamond

Round Diamond Engagment Ring Made by Jonathan's Fine JewelersBeing a diamond buyer is not always glamorous or fun. Buying watches, now that’s fun. Even buying some estate jewelry can be fun, but buying diamonds is not always fun.  We often get men and women who come in with engagement rings that were never worn or used, and not because they were handed down through the generations, but because of a break up.

When a person walks into your office and says they want to sell you their engagement ring you have to deal with the emotional side of selling and buying.  It’s a very touchy and touching meeting that leaves not only me, as the buyer, but the seller exhausted. [Read more...]