How Do You Know Your Precious Metal is Precious?

precious metalBeing in the jewelry buying business, I buy a lot of gold.  But, before I buy any gold, I do two things.  First, I look for a quality mark with my loupe and then I test it with our gold tester to see if the purity of the metal matches the stamp on the gold.  I realize that not everyone has a gold tester, and sometimes you might find a 14 kt stamp on an item that is not really 14 karat gold, so it’s important to know how to tell if your precious metal is really precious. [Read more...]

Join Me On My Latest Adventure – Jonathan’s Watch Buyer

Super-Dad-Juggling-TasksI am the type of guy who always has a lot going on in my life. Between work and my personal life I manage to get it all done and I never take a sick day.  That’s not to say that there aren’t days where I sit back and smack myself in the head and think about how crazy I am, because there are plenty of those.  There are also plenty of days when my wife smacks me in the head and tells me I’m crazy, but I keep going full speed, and now I have taken on a new adventure.

I think I’m an adventure junkie.  I can’t stand still and always need a project or a new mountain to climb to feel satisfied.  It’s kind of like how I break up with my watches, I like to stay on the move.  I have lists that run through my mind of things that I want to try and do and as I start one thing on my bucket list, I mentally check it off and move on to the next, until my plate is overflowing with priorities and musts and needs and loves. [Read more...]

Is Your Metal Worth Its Weight in Gold?

Scrap GoldThe price of gold is on the rise, which means that if you own gold, whether it is jewelry, coins or even bullion it is worth more today than it was even a week ago. This has produced lines at some gold buyers shops and gold buying parties are popping up all over the place.

But, before you go down to the local gold buyers shop on the corner, it’s important to have an idea of what you gold is actually worth, and I am going to tell just how to do that in a very easy way, so you are armed with all the information you need and know whether or not your metal is worth its weight in gold. [Read more...]