Yo, Jewelry Buyer, When Should I Sell My Jewelry?

Jewelry BuyerI get asked a lot of questions as a jewelry buyer from the website and contact form before I even sit down with a customer.  There are sometimes many emails, phone calls and text messages before there is ever a face to face meeting.  It’s important that all your questions get asked and answered and you feel comfortable.

But, here is a question that I get asked all the time:

Yo, Jewelry Buyer, when should I sell my jewelry?

This is a tough question to answer and also a very personal question.  But, I think there are some basic guidelines you can follow that can help you when you are trying to decide if you are ready to sell your jewelry. [Read more...]

Secrets of Selling Your Estate Jewelry

Vintage Estate JewelrySelling your estate jewelry isn’t always an easy process and can be an emotional process.  Add to that the personal reasons why you need to sell your jewelry and the time frame that you are looking to sell it in, finding the right way for you can be overwhelming.

There are several ways to sell your estate jewelry and not one single right way either.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages and because I believe in the art of transparency, I am going to give you the scoop on them all, including if you decide to sell your estate jewelry to me. [Read more...]

I Just Want to Be A Jewelry Buyer – Jonathan’s Diamond Buyer

The Jewelry Buyer Staff

Our Family at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers

I believe that being an owner and manager of a business and a jewelry buyer is really difficult in business.  As an owner and manager I have to deal with the employees, the books, the bottom line, the paper work and yes, dare I say it, the BS of business.  As a jewelry buyer I get to deal with the customer, the diamonds, the watches, the bracelets and necklaces and pearls and gold.  Both jobs are challenging and I  believe that keeping employees happy is just as important as keeping customers happy.  But, when I first started this business I had no idea as it grew that I would be wearing so many different hats, depending on the day, hour, minute and even second! [Read more...]

The Star Sapphire – Faith, Hope, and Destiny

Star Sapphire and Diamond RingAs a diamond buyer, I have the opportunity to buy all types of jewelry and watches.  Nothing gets my juices going more than when someone walks into my office with a fabulous piece that I can buy.  It’s a visceral reaction.  It can be a ring, a loose diamond, a pair of earrings or a Rolex watch.

I often get asked what I do with all the treasures that I buy. The diamonds go into our inventory of loose diamonds at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers and end up being made into a gorgeous custom ring for a soon to be bride to wear on her finger.  The jewelry is sometimes taken apart and the stones are then repurposed into custom jewelry for our customers.  Other times, we resell the jewelry as is.  Often the watches will get cleaned up and resold or traded, depending on the watch and the value, but I find it all exciting and all of it is an addiction for me, and one that I love. [Read more...]