Join Me On My Latest Adventure – Jonathan’s Watch Buyer

Super-Dad-Juggling-TasksI am the type of guy who always has a lot going on in my life. Between work and my personal life I manage to get it all done and I never take a sick day.  That’s not to say that there aren’t days where I sit back and smack myself in the head and think about how crazy I am, because there are plenty of those.  There are also plenty of days when my wife smacks me in the head and tells me I’m crazy, but I keep going full speed, and now I have taken on a new adventure.

I think I’m an adventure junkie.  I can’t stand still and always need a project or a new mountain to climb to feel satisfied.  It’s kind of like how I break up with my watches, I like to stay on the move.  I have lists that run through my mind of things that I want to try and do and as I start one thing on my bucket list, I mentally check it off and move on to the next, until my plate is overflowing with priorities and musts and needs and loves. [Read more...]