Diamond Buyer Presents: WWF Rolex Vs. Rolex

Rolex Submariner and Rolex GMT Master IIWelcome to the first Diamond Buyer Bout of the WWF!

Rolex Vs. Rolex

The WWF is the “Watch of the Week Fight”.  Why am I starting these bouts? Being a watch fiend (which is a disease I hope there is no cure for), I notice that many brands take a good model and remake that model, give it a new name with a few differences and then sell it.  And, what is going to make the Watch of the Week Fight so interesting, is that I am not going to tell you what models are up against each other.  I am going to give you all the details about each watch, then I want I want YOU to chime in and tell me which model you think is which and which model you think wins the bout!

I don’t find this either a good or bad practice, because I am one of the consumers that will buy both models, especially if I like the brand and feel it is a great watch, so I want to know YOUR take on this!

Let’s get ready to tick-tock!

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Why Has Rolex Been Scrambling?

Rolex SubmarinerRolex, one the world’s leading high-end watch manufacturers and the epitome of luxury, has been scrambling, at least they have been scrambling serial numbers.  What I find interesting about this, is when you visit the watch forums what you read about regarding the serial scrambling is,  “How do I know if my Rolex is real or fake if the serial numbers are all being scrambled?”

For those of us who are watch experts, we scoff, and say, “How could you NOT know that it is real or fake, it’s obvious!”  But when I was speaking to our new Diamond Gal, she got me to thinking that maybe it isn’t that obvious to the average lay person who might not have done their homework or know all about watches and I thought perhaps I should explain. [Read more...]