Star Sapphire – Why It’s a Shining Star

Star SapphireIt’s so hard for me to pick gemstones that are my favorite, because truth be told, I love them all.  I have been lucky enough to get some stunning star sapphires set in gorgeous rings lately, and I have always been a bit obsessed by the star sapphire and how it is formed and the phenomena of it.

The formation of all gemstones are truly amazing, but to think that the chatoyant bands from the sapphire cross in the center in several different directions to create rays and suddenly a star is born, well, that is truly Mother Nature at her best, or if you want to be technical, asterism. [Read more...]

The Progression of a Madagascar Sapphire

Ilkakaka River Valley MadagascarIt is 1998 on the banks of the Ilakaka river valley. It is a hot and dry day and in the warm beating sun a seam of high quality unearthed and unexpected sapphires are glittering brightly like a colored carpet.

This is where the story of this Madagascar Sapphire progression begins. From a mere stone, buried deep in the ground for years to what it is today.

The sapphire more than likely was sent to Sri Lanka or Thailand to be polished and cut, although we will never know that for certain, all we know for sure is that it did end up being set in a ring. [Read more...]