You Had a Bad Oyster But do You Have Good Pearls?

Pearl Necklace from Jonathan's DIamond BuyerI think that pearls are one of the finest pieces of jewels around. Think about how they are formed from a piece of sand or shell that gets lodged inside an oyster that it can’t expel.  This doesn’t happen with every oyster and it doesn’t happen often, so truth be told, you have a better chance of eating a bad oyster than finding a good pearl inside that oyster.

What makes the pearl even more amazing is that the nacre, which is the substance that the oyster secretes around the sand or shell, forms layers around the object to protect the inner soft recesses of the mollusk.  There is a light that is reflected from these overlapping layers that produces the characteristic iridescent luster of the pearl and the process of building a solid pearl can take up to seven or eight years! [Read more...]