How to Search for the Best Diamond Buyer Online

Most of us are pretty Internet savvy these days, but there are still times when navigating Google or Yahoo can be trying.  For instance, if you have a diamond to sell and you are searching for the best diamond buyer, you will get companies come up that you didn’t even know existed.  In fact, you will get things that might look like this:

Diamond Buyer Google Search

Did you know that Google can tell where you are located, so they will geo locate businesses that are near you first in the search? It’s true.  So, these businesses that I have circled, they are actually not separate businesses, but really one company that has thrown up several websites to corner the market, and if you look at all of the sites, they all say the same thing on them, with a different layout.  [Read more...]

Jonathan’s Diamond Watch Buyers Tips – Does Your Watch Need Viagra?

Rolex GMT Masters IILet’s say you have decided to break up with your watch and you have sought out a watch buyer, before you go and take your timepiece, there are a few things you need to understand about the condition of your watch that watch buyers will be looking for that is going to affect the price of your watch.

Most watch buyers have a checklist of items that they will go over when they inspect your watch, such as the condition of the crystal of the watch and scratches on the bezel.  They will make sure that the movement is original by popping the back of the watch off and they will also ask about any repairs that have been made.  They will look to be sure it is an authentic Rolex or Cartier or whatever brand you happen to have, and they will twist it and turn it and look at it from all angles.  [Read more...]