7 Secrets to a Healthy Head – Jonathan’s Diamond Watch Buyer

Watch Head Jonathans Watch BuyerWhen a watch buyer is considering the condition of a watch for purchase the watch head is just as important as the watch bracelet. Just like your own head, you have to keep the head of your watch healthy. First, it’s important to understand what the head of the watch is. The watch head is often called the face of the watch, but the head is actually the part of the watch that holds the mechanism that runs the watch as well as the parts of the watch where you read the time.

Although these are the most important factors of a watch, we prefer to see a watch that isn’t working rather than have you take it to get it serviced or fixed. If the watch is a good brand and has the other attributes that we are looking for, whether or not the mechanism works will not necessarily lower the value of the watch and we know how to get it serviced and fixed properly. [Read more...]