Watch of the Week: Rolex GMT-Master II Model 116713/116710LN

Rolex GMT Masters IIEveryone knows Rolex. The Rolex crown stands for elegance and success and a time worn tradition that is reminiscent of Mercedes and Coco Chanel; timeless and never out of style. The fact is, once you own a Rolex, it is a watch you keep forever and it literally takes a licking and keeps on ticking (even though that isn’t the saying for Rolex, it works).

I am a watch fanatic. I have been collecting watches since I was 18 years old, before I even knew the value or the difference between a Cartier and a Timex.  To me, watches were just pretty. I worked at a pawnshop, and when someone sold something I liked, I bought it up. But, over time, I learned how to appreciate the intricacy of the movements, the differences of the shapes of the hands and how they sweep over the face. I learned to become a true collector, and through it all, Rolex is still my favorite. [Read more...]