Diamonds By The Yard, The Foot or The Inch – It’s All Good

Diamonds by the YardWhen I think of Diamond by the Yard, I think of Elsa Peretti and Tiffany & Company, because let’s face it, she made this phenomena famous and Tiffany’s coined the term that made this fabulous strand of diamonds famous and sought after.  I love diamonds by the yard, the foot or the inch, as far as I’m concerned, it’s all good. [Read more...]

Secrets of Selling Your Estate Jewelry

Vintage Estate JewelrySelling your estate jewelry isn’t always an easy process and can be an emotional process.  Add to that the personal reasons why you need to sell your jewelry and the time frame that you are looking to sell it in, finding the right way for you can be overwhelming.

There are several ways to sell your estate jewelry and not one single right way either.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages and because I believe in the art of transparency, I am going to give you the scoop on them all, including if you decide to sell your estate jewelry to me. [Read more...]

Arm Yourself for Spring: The Bangle Bracelet Bling Workout

bangle bracelet workoutIt’s hard to believe, but Spring has finally sprung and it’s time to pull out the tees, tanks and sleeveless frocks and load up on the bangle bracelets.  If you are anything like my wife, you have spent the past few weeks toning up your arms, getting ready to bare them to the world, and there is nothing sexier than a toned arm with bling around the wrist.

I am not an exercise guru (if you’ve met me, you would know that!) but I did spend my younger years in the boxing ring, and I do have a few tips on how to keep a fit upper body, so I thought it might be fun to throw in a couple of exercises you could do to tone.  So, slip on a few bangles and use them as mini weights and lets start to get toned! [Read more...]

Brands We Love at Jonathan’s Diamond Buyer: Harry Winston

Harry WinstonHave you ever looked at a piece of jewelry and it’s made your heart beat faster? I have. I do. It’s like love. It’s like lust. It’s like amazing. It happens with Cartier. It happens with Tiffany.  It happens with all watches. And, it happens with Harry Winston.

First, you have to love an American jewelry designer, right? Second, you have to love a jewelry designer that is so philanthropic and a design house that has such a rich history. [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Gifts – Hearts and Flowers

Valentine's Day GiftIt’s that time of year when the holiday that Hallmark has made famous for making many a man’s wallet lighter is upon us.  Valentine’s Day gifts can be marked by dozens of roses, boxes of chocolates, candlelit dinners, bottles of wine, decadent desserts, sexy lingerie and of course diamonds and pearls.

Although we love it when our customers come in and buy the traditional diamond earrings or the lovely pearls as Valentine’s Day gifts, this year mix it up if you are going to splurge on jewelry.  How about celebrating with a different kind of rose, like this Cartier Ballon Bleu in 18 Karat Rose Gold? [Read more...]