Knockout Picks for Gifts for Under $200

Tiffany & Co. BoxThe countdown is on for Christmas and I have some knockout picks for gifts for under $200 that are perfect stocking stuffers, or just little something’s to fill the gaps under the tree this year.

As a jewelry buyer, I love that I get my hands on designer jewelry and lately I have been lucky enough to get some fabulous pieces of Tiffany & Company sterling silver, which means that you are lucky enough to be able to buy gifts for some amazing prices from Jonathan’s Diamond Buyer!

It’s a win-win!!

What I love about the sterling silver from Tiffany & Co. is that the price point is great, the designs are timeless and the styles are young enough for your daughters and old enough for your wives or mothers. You can’t go wrong when you give a gift stamped Tiffany’s. [Read more...]

Hottest Holiday Pre-Owned Watches For Him (or Her) in 2012

Watches for HimTis the season to shop, and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Green Tuesday and every other colorful day that falls between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the bottom line is this, it is time to start shopping for the holidays.

It doesn’t matter if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza, if you are into gift giving, sometimes finding that perfect gift can be tough, and with economic times the way they are, it isn’t as easy to indulge in those luxury items anymore.

But have no fear, because Jonathan’s Diamond Buyer is here to save the day with the hottest holiday pre-owned watches for him (or her)  in 2012.  We are going to show you that you can not only afford luxury, but that you can save the planet at the same time by upcycling and knowing that one mans trash is another mans treasure. [Read more...]

The Progression of a Madagascar Sapphire

Ilkakaka River Valley MadagascarIt is 1998 on the banks of the Ilakaka river valley. It is a hot and dry day and in the warm beating sun a seam of high quality unearthed and unexpected sapphires are glittering brightly like a colored carpet.

This is where the story of this Madagascar Sapphire progression begins. From a mere stone, buried deep in the ground for years to what it is today.

The sapphire more than likely was sent to Sri Lanka or Thailand to be polished and cut, although we will never know that for certain, all we know for sure is that it did end up being set in a ring. [Read more...]

The Star Sapphire – Faith, Hope, and Destiny

Star Sapphire and Diamond RingAs a diamond buyer, I have the opportunity to buy all types of jewelry and watches.  Nothing gets my juices going more than when someone walks into my office with a fabulous piece that I can buy.  It’s a visceral reaction.  It can be a ring, a loose diamond, a pair of earrings or a Rolex watch.

I often get asked what I do with all the treasures that I buy. The diamonds go into our inventory of loose diamonds at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers and end up being made into a gorgeous custom ring for a soon to be bride to wear on her finger.  The jewelry is sometimes taken apart and the stones are then repurposed into custom jewelry for our customers.  Other times, we resell the jewelry as is.  Often the watches will get cleaned up and resold or traded, depending on the watch and the value, but I find it all exciting and all of it is an addiction for me, and one that I love. [Read more...]