How Do You Know Your Precious Metal is Precious?

precious metalBeing in the jewelry buying business, I buy a lot of gold.  But, before I buy any gold, I do two things.  First, I look for a quality mark with my loupe and then I test it with our gold tester to see if the purity of the metal matches the stamp on the gold.  I realize that not everyone has a gold tester, and sometimes you might find a 14 kt stamp on an item that is not really 14 karat gold, so it’s important to know how to tell if your precious metal is really precious. [Read more...]

Enameling –Art and Beauty of Estate Jewelry

Enameling RingIf you are into estate jewelry in any way shape or form then you have run across enameling at some point during your travels.  Whether you collect jewelry or giftware, enameling has a long history of use of being both practical and ornamental.  Personally, when I run across a beautiful enameled piece of jewelry that is antique I am blown away.  [Read more...]

The Cuff Link – Elegant Estate Jewelry for Men

Bulgari Cuff linksI have had cuff links on my mind lately.  I think it’s because my son, Jonathan is getting married.  I have gotten a new tuxedo for the occasion and with that a new tuxedo shirt that I want a new pair of cuff links for.  A beautiful pair came into my showroom, but I missed out on them, and I have been on the hunt ever since.

Other than a watch and a wedding band, cuff links are the one piece of jewelry that I love as a man. The funny thing is, although I don’t wear cuffed shirts often I love the sophistication and the history of them, which prompted me to become a collector. [Read more...]

Diamonds By The Yard, The Foot or The Inch – It’s All Good

Diamonds by the YardWhen I think of Diamond by the Yard, I think of Elsa Peretti and Tiffany & Company, because let’s face it, she made this phenomena famous and Tiffany’s coined the term that made this fabulous strand of diamonds famous and sought after.  I love diamonds by the yard, the foot or the inch, as far as I’m concerned, it’s all good. [Read more...]

The Cross Pendant – A Perfect Addition to an Easter Basket

Cross PendantEaster is just around the corner and as I was sitting here thinking about what I could do for my older kids, since they are really too old to hunt for eggs and don’t really appreciate the traditional basket of goodies anymore, it hit me that a pretty cross on a chain or a cross pendant would be a perfect Easter treat! [Read more...]