Sell Your Gold

Sell Your GoldIn today’s market, it is easy to sell your gold or other precious metals. Whether your gold is in scraps or its original state; chances are it is worth significantly more than what you originally paid for it due to the increase in value that precious metals has seen.  Although there is some variance as to what you will get offered for your gold and silver pieces, the prices are based on gram weight and the price per gram of gold that the market is bearing that day.

Our gold specialist is always current on the market trends for gold, silver, platinum and all other precious metals, so you will always get a fair and accurate quote when you sell your gold jewelry or gold scrap to Jonathan’s Diamond Buyer.

To find out how to get a free quote call Sergio Nuncio at (831)277-5725, email or contact us and we will get back to you within 48 hours.