Allan Berger

What a pleasant surprise to have my search for a fair appraisal and financial transaction end so quickly when I visited with you today.  Jonathan’s Diamond Buyer had been recommended by both a friend in the jewelry business and also by my daughter Danielle who you graciously assisted with her jewelry appraisal needs earlier this year.

Both correctly described your professionalism and honesty, and I found your willingness to satisfy my financial objectives like talking with a friend of the family even though we had just met.  I guess the ultimate compliment would be that I asked you to throw away the list of other Houston jewelers I had planned to visit today as that list was no longer necessary.

Also worth noting is my appreciation for your suggesting and our subsequent agreement to maximize a fair market value for a 115 year old piece of inherited jewelry. Had you not been so highly recommended and had I not personally experienced such a satisfying transaction with you, I can assure you my trust would not have occurred.

I look forward to further opportunities to help one another.


Nobody is more skeptical than me. However I really wanted to get rid of the gem because of what it symbolized to me.Sergio offered a very good price and was very straightforward and easy to do business with. Thanks for turning a negative into a positive.

Bridget Kaminski

Sergio was extremely honest and professional with the purchase of my diamonds.I had received quotes from several different jewelers and found Sergio to be the only one who told me the truth about the value of my stones.Do not go anywhere else for your purchase or sales–Sergio will not steer you wrong.


I can’t say enough about how happy I was with my diamond sale through Sergio at Jonathan’s. Sergio provided me with a price quote over the phone, based on my GIA Certificate. Upon shipping him my stone for inspection, he was able to offer me more than he originally indicated.I have happily recommended Jonathan’s to my friends.

John Helms

Before you sell your diamonds or gold, do yourself a favor and check with Sergio…if not, you might be leaving money on the table…